Pool Fencing

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Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing- Aluminium, Steel and Glass.

Owning a swimming pool to swim and cool down in the hot Queensland weather is a wonderful thing; incredibly hot days and nights end up being the best excuse to simply unwind and relish the swimming pool with family and friends.

However, there are several factors you must make sure you’ve got taken care of, like complying with the modern swimming pool fencing laws.

We understand that every single project and each residence is unique. We’re also familiar with different types of products and solutions  to build your own State and Australian Standards compliant pool fence. We simply supply, install and complete the project while you sit back and relax.

Frontline Security and Blinds are experts when it comes to glass, steel and aluminium  pool fencing in Brisbane. We are committed to working with and listening to each of our customers needs, until they are 100% satisfied.  We can easily reach that goal. This is simply because all of the components and fittings satisfy and even exceed the Australian Standards. Our workmanship is guaranteed and second to none.

Our pool fencing can be constructed on many different surfaces. Surfaces such as tile and concrete are perhaps the most typical materials to set up a glass, aluminium or steel  pool fence on in Brisbane.

We can also easily install  swimming pool fencing, whether they are glass, aluminium or steel. They  can also be constructed in the lawns and flower gardens by using a concrete floor or tile floor pads. Our designs also look great  on timber decking.

Aluminium swimming pool fencing is among the most in-demand option available on the market today.  Semi frameless glass fencing is probably the most economical and eye appealing fences available, however the ultimate glass fence is, not surprisingly, frameless glass pool fencing.

However,  if you are looking for a budget fence, you simply can’t go past aluminium pool fencing.

People who do not want to disrupt their fantastic mountain, ocean, or back garden view may possibly decide to set up glass, Frameless Pool Fencing. In that situation, aluminium and stainless steel spigots or clamping systems will support top quality, clear, polished and toughened glass panels. All our pool fencing  materials can be specifically designed to fit your pool size and shape. If you feel that Frameless Glass Fencing or Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing is not appropriate or outside your budget then Aluminium pool fencing may be the better choice. All gates can be installed with auto closing hinges and childproof Magna latches to complete the solution.

Some of the pool fences we can help you with are:

The installation of a swimming pool is usually an expensive exercise in almost any home, so it’s only natural that you might be searching for ways to lower your expenses where you are able to.

This can be easily done with your swimming pool fencing. Light weight aluminum swimming pool secure fencing is an extremely affordable choice both for large and small swimming pools. Your pool fence will not only look awesome and not have broken the budget, but would comply with the strict pool fencing regulations in Australia. Best of all, it will last such a long time that you simply won’t be required to replace it for many years, if ever.

Being an affordable option to steel fencing, Aluminium swimming pool fencing is frequently used in residential pool fencing. Another advantage of aluminium swimming pool fencing is just how appealing it really is. All things considered, it’s very well-liked for a simple reason – it looks excellent with any style and design of home, from conventional through to ultra modern!

Aluminium swimming pool fencing also comes in a a lot of different colours to match your property and swimming pool surrounds. It is also obtainable in a variety of designs and styles such as tubular fencing, flat rails, lace in fills, or panels. You can even incorporate light weight aluminum along with other products for instance glass to produce something absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

One important thing that you might want out of your swimming pool fencing is ; that it is both equally long-lasting and sturdy. Aluminium swimming pool fencing matches the brief!

They’re virtually entirely unaffected by the harsh Queensland weather conditions and they’ll not corrode, twist or rust. They will endure dampness perfectly (extremely crucial inside a swimming pool area), and the powder coating ensures that the water can never get in. Just give it a clean occasionally, and check out the operation of the gate prior to the beginning of every swimming season (to ensure the gate still opens and closes properly).

Our Aluminium swimming pool fencing is powder-coated in a selection of decorator colours and goes through a multiple individual evaluation checks to ensure outstanding finish off and security. We use high tech, quality controlled welding and manufacturing processes to ensure consistency of weld penetration and smoothness of appearance. A high-tech powder-coating machinery that provides a smooth, even and consistent thickness of coating further results in an excellent and visually appealing product.

Glass pool fencing in Brisbane is often installed around the swimming pool area to give the “WOW factor”. It is constructed from panels of toughened glass, supported by special posts or clamps made of stainless steel or aluminum.

At Frontline Security and Blinds you can have the glass pool fencing fully framed, frameless or in semi frameless models. It is very popular because it gives a contemporary and modern look to any swimming pool area.It is famous for unobstructed views especially if your pool is overlooking the ocean, mountains or a fabulous garden.

Our glass panels are one of the toughest, available in this industry. They are well tested and have been developed in compliance with the highest Australian standards. We are experts at custom fitting, installation and replacement of all kinds of custom glass fence solutions.

We ensure our designs flow seamlessly into the pool and home surroundings and we are able to match the theme of your home very easily. Frameless glass pool fencing looks fantastic, it is safe and has now become very affordable.

Our glass pool fences do not rust or warp, and the glass panels allow natural light to penetrate through. The glass pool fence will not obstruct your vision in any way and is fully transparent. A bonus is you can also supervise your children from a distance easily and ensure that they are safe. The occasional wipe-down or hose-down with soapy water or special glass cleaning liquid is all you need to keep a glass fence looking fantastic and sparkling.

In the extremely rare event you have a breakage, there is no need to tear down the entire barrier. Simply replace the broken glass panel.

Glass pool fences will not crack or break easily. If this ever happens due to an accident, you can simply ask us for assistance or any other contractor for that matter, to replace the broken panel. Also, when the glass breaks, it forms into blunt pellets and not sharp and harmful shards. Another safety advantage of a glass pool fence is that it makes it impossible for kids to climb. You can install a matching gate to the fence with the necessary fittings to make your pool area even more secure.

Glass fencing is resistant to heat, moisture, heavy impact, and the toughest weather conditions. It can certainly stand the test of time and you can expect to enjoy a newly installed glass pool fence for a long time.

Steel fencing is an excellent choice as well. We have a large array of styles and custom make any design. Just get in touch with us and we can have a chat in the comfort of your very own home.

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