Patio & Pergola Enclosures

We can design and install Patio and Pergola Enclosures and bring a new dimension to your home today.

Brisbane Patio & Pergola Enclosures

Patio and Pergola Enclosures in Brisbane

By definition, a patio is just any hard outdoor surface area that is either attached to a home or near it. A patio enclosure is a covered patio that provides shelter from the harsh weather elements  such as the sun or rain .

We are blessed to have a wonderful climate in Queensland. If you choose to enclose your patio and or pergola, you can suddenly have another entertainment or retreat area that gives you all the advantages of extra light and space of the outside but with added protection.

Now imagine for a moment how much more you’ll enjoy the year-round comforts of your new enclosed retreat area:

  • A cosy breakfast in your new sunroom or enclosed patio in the mornings,
  • A place to relax after a busy workday,
  • A place to set up your home gym,
  • A perfect place to entertain your family and friends without the weather interfering with your plans.
  • It’s like being outdoors, but you’re protected from the elements.

We can turn your patio using a glass enclosure into a sunroom, or using security or see through screens into a very popular family retreat place that is both practical and useful.

Advantages of a Frontline Security and Blinds Enclosure are :

  • Maintenance free, powder coated durable aluminium frame or other hardy materials.
  • Special micro screen if required to keep out the smallest insects such as midges or any other annoying small insects.
  • Pet doors can be custom made and incorporated into the design.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colours and materials.
  • You have the option of either hinged and sliding screen doors  made from tough and durable materials, manufactured to the highest standards.

Our Patio screens allow the beautiful fresh air to come in while keeping the annoying intruders such as mossies, flies and other unwanted insects out.

With Frontline Security and Blinds Patio enclosures, you will have an ideal way to extend your living and entertaining space. Now there is no need to go to the expense of adding another room.

We have so many different ways you can enclose your patios.

It can either be a simple roof supported by some columns or we can include screens and or modern and stylish walls.

Frontline Security and Blinds can adapt your patio enclosures to go with any design or plan of houses today.

Have a small patio that is attached to your house?

An awning may be all you need. We have a wide range of modern retractable awnings. We can attach this to the side of your house and they can cover and extend several metres from the side of the house. We can design and implement custom made awnings which would use minimal, if any vertical support.

For a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed patio, we can add extra flair by using  Colorbond or polycarbonate (PVC) roofing. Colorbond has the advantage of  blocking out all of the sun’s harmful rays. If you still prefer some light to filter through, then you can choose a PVC roof.

Whatever your preference is, all our designs and materials used, make a Frontline Security and Blinds enclosure practical and comfortable. Not only will you be able to extend your current living area, you will also be adding dollars to the value of your home.

Now you too can be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

We offer a free, no obligation design and implementation quote.